The trial of Bradley Manning begins…

Three years after Army Pfc.Bradley Manning’s arrest for leaks of U.S. government and military secrets, the WikiLeaks trial has begun.

The trial is expected to be polarising; Manning is a hero to some and nothing short of a demons of others as the result of his actions during which he, in his position as an intelligence analyst, provided substantial amounts–the largest amount of classified information– to the website WikiLeaks, the non-profit international organisation founded by Julian Assange that publishes secret and classified media from anonymous sources.… [Read more]

Julian Assange Has Nice Friends

Meritocracy is driven by an abiding faith – true progressive thinking is powered by good ideas, irrespective of their place of origin on the conventional political spectrum. Too many avowedly passionate Americans give otherwise sensible social solutions the swift heave-ho because, well… ‘they’, those rotten, lying bastards on ‘the other side’ thought of it! Not exactly consistent with the collective pursuit of excellence that elevates a society.… [Read more]

Julian Assange – Hypocrisy’s Poster Boy

One wonders if the breathless Julian Assange supporters who have ralled for their hero’s freedom have ever been able to see past their own noses, let alone peer carefully into the dark intellectual Mirkwood where Assange rules. Their fears that Julian cannot get a fair trial anywhere are based on the simplest and most enduring lefty global mantra – the spectre of American manipulation of international extradition treaties, where the CIA et al will have their brilliant boyo spending the rest of his life in some Stateside crowbar hotel.… [Read more]