Ask Mrs Vera: How will we survive without Michele Bachmann in Congress?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

How will we ever do without Michele Bachmann in Congress? Does her time there really need to end? Fondest regards…  and PS: you are my favorite Autumn! I can totally see you in this pale persimmon silk blouse with cream-colored Peter Pan collar under a pale, not too minty green/nut-brown pin-striped pencil skirt business suit ensemble, and I’m thinking: Jimmy Choos for you, I am!… [Read more]

Washington Stitches

One has to have a sense of humor to be President of the United States. We saw with Tricky Dick Nixon how anger becomes paranoia, and “All The President’s Men” turned  into a gaggle of bumbling cat burglars out of the Marx Brothers or the Three Stooges. Has-been conservative firebrand G. Gordon Liddy probably has an understandable aversion to dining off metal trays from his inmate years.… [Read more]

The Year of the GOP Snake

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?” –Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

By the Chinese calendar, 2013 ought to have been a banner year for conservatives. As crestfallen Ann Romney soaks up tears with Kleenex bought by the carload at Costco, and Karl Rove squirms at megadonor angst over Crossroads GPS’ lame  batting average in November’s election, Republican delusions of a 2010 redux string of victories evaporated almost as quickly as Sarah Palin’s and Dick Morris’ fat Fox News paychecks.… [Read more]

Return of the Swift Boats?

In 2004, Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry was narrowly defeated by incumbent George W. Bush. One of the factors in Kerry’s defeat was, no doubt, a so-called “527 Group” founded by John O’Neill: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

The group, eventually known as Swift Vets and POWs for Truth, was disbanded in 2008, but not before its claims that John Kerry misrepresented his military service record were roundly debunked – and not before the term, “swiftboating,” came to represent smearing a political candidate with a specific ‘Big Lie’ while referring to it as truth.… [Read more]

Even More Schadenfreude: Karl Rove Going Down for the Third Time

Political strategists come and go like football coaches, sliding into obscurity when their team loses, but this guy? Karl Rove? He’s been doing this since the 1970s! In all that time, he’s invented more dirty tricks than Nixon! Hell — he practically coined the phrase, “that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.”… [Read more]

A Fictional Meeting to Decide Mitt’s Fate

Hovering over the 26 miles of water separating Catalina Island from the California mainland, the Secret Koch Brothers Zeppelin is the site for a top secret meeting of the Billionaire Cabal. David and Stephen Koch play host to Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Phillip Anschutz, and several other billionaires who stand to gain the world if a Republican is elected in November.… [Read more]

Guest Bigot of the Day: Frank Gaffney

There are bigots and there are Bigots of the First Order, Frank Gaffney is clearly one of the latter — and he’s a rabid neocon to boot.

Mr. Gaffney is so far to the right that he was even picked upon by Karl Rove for saying that George W. Bush wasn’t far right enough. He works tirelessly to rid the country of supposed Islamic influences that only the paranoiacs can detect — a stance one would think would appeal to all of the rabid rightists, but he is universally hated by the far, far right wing because he’s Jewish.… [Read more]

Obama’s “Chicago style politics” is actually Republican Politics

As the Obama campaign has allegedly unleashed its terrifying “Chicago thug politics” on Romney about his ongoing Bain Capital love affair, the righties of our nation, and particularly the Romney camp, are aghast at what they view as the pure, well, thuggery of it. Seems odd that, with all the jabs at President Obama over the years for ascending politically via classic Chicago style politics, they don’t expect to see some signs of it from time to time.… [Read more]

Why Did Karl Rove Make Me Take Down a Zazzle Item?

Hi there.  Remember last week’s story with the funny headline, “Is Karl Rove Making Naughty Gay Boinky Boinks With Skeezy Ex Con?“

Well, we still can’t argue definitively yes or no to that one.

What we CAN tell you is that Karl Rove ordered the popular personalized gift-making company, Zazzle, to remove an image I had put on t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, etc. … [Read more]

Is Karl Rove Making Naughty Gay Boinky Boinks With Skeezy Ex Con?

See how things get started?…

A former GOP operative turned activist for the release of former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman alleges that “The Architect” — Karl Rove — is picking out pretty little soaps for the guest bath with his latest boy toy, a skeezy little ex-convict named Ali A. Akbar.

In a letter published in a blog called “The Legal Schnauzer” (which is not exactly Time Magazine — but they have a copy of her letter) Dana Jill Simpson, a Rainsville, Alabama lawyer and former GOP operative who has appeared on “60 Minutes”, writes about how Rove … [Read more]