Meg Whitman: Job Creator?

When Meg Whitman ran for governor of California in 2010, she did so on a platform of cutting red tape and improving efficiency; it was, after all, the way to “create jobs.” After all, we all know that one can run a government just like a corporation, right? We get it; eliminating obstacles that get in the way of improving an organisation’s operational efficiency is important towards growing the company but, Ms.[Read more]

Corporations Are People? I Beg to Differ

“Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people .”

This little nugget came from none other than presumptive GOP nominee and proud 1%er Mitt Romney. It’s a quote consistent with the time-honored conservative Reagan dogma. Of course, I’m referring to Trickle Down Economics – the theory that wealth-oriented growth models ultimately see profits trickle down to the lower and middle classes.… [Read more]