Death and Taxes

April has come and gone, and virtually all of us have dutifully filed a tax return or an extension. The anti-tax mob hasn’t gone anywhere. Somebody’s going to have to pay the tab, according to their means. Despite the sequester that wasn’t supposed to be, replete with “For special friends of Rick’s” special interest mulligans, the bugaboo of taxation hasn’t left us.… [Read more]

The Botched Buying of City Hall

“If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.” – Jimmy Buffett

As an expat native of the Empire State, I recall introducing Appalachian mountain people in newsprint to the often comical twists of New York politics as a sidebar. In 2010, New York’s gubernatorial race featured a conservative Republican named Crazy Carl Paladino, who proceeded to run the hapless Rightie ticket into the electoral dirt of defeat in a Blue state.… [Read more]