History 101—One way WWII had a positive impact for women

In my spare time {groan} I’ve been reading Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation. I enjoy reading about and studying history, and WWII is one of my favorite subjects. You remember WWII , you know, that war we fought to clean up the mess from WWI. You remember WWI, the ‘war to end all wars’. As the men went to war, women went to the workplace and, even though they were ‘fired’ at the end of the war, their presence in the workplace created more opportunities for women.… [Read more]

The Diagnosis…Now What?

One night a few years ago, I noticed an ad on the Internet asking “Could You Have Lupus?” I took the quiz and answered the questions and the results were, talk to your doctor, you may have lupus. No, I said. I’m just stressed and tired and I put it out of my mind.

A few months later, my right hand and arm suddenly swelled up and I could not bend my fingers.… [Read more]