No Place for Racists

“Obama refuses to put his hand over his heart” were the first words I heard from the man sitting in front of me at Turner Field in Atlanta on Saturday. The public address person had just asked the fans to stand for the National Anthem when he started spewing his bigoted vulgar lies.

Where do people get this crap?… [Read more]

Mitch McConnell: Filibustering in the Senate Since 1985

You say Senate Minority Leader “Mitch McConnell” and we say “obstructionist”.  Teh-MAY-toh, Teh-MAH-toh. Either way what we have here is the failure of an elected official to do his job.

As the reigning co-king of obstruction (tied for first place with Speaker John Boehner), Mr. McConnell will be organizing filibuster attacks against any of President Obama’s circuit judge appointments.… [Read more]

Show and Tell

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them”.

                                                                                   ~Maya Angelou

The American people appear to be waking up (albeit still a little too slowly andway late in the day) to the fact that many members of Congress do not have their best interests at heart.   In fact, some (many?) seem to have only two unified goals:  preventing President Obama from keeping his word to the American people on just about everything and making certain that he serves only one term.… [Read more]