A Statement Worth Debating

Now that the second round of presidential debates is over, I’ve been revisiting last week’s Biden-Ryan debate because something Ryan said bothered me and it’s still unresolved. While watching the Vice Presidential debates, and trying not to get too irritated with stream of nonsense coming from Paul Ryan’s verbose answers, there was one thing Ryan said more than once that stuck out to me: “Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to be President”.… [Read more]

The Presidential Debates: Return of the Jedi

“Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz.” ~ Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, 1987

President Obama came out last night on Lon Gisland, Jedi knight light saber fully extended and swinging with the Force. Somebody ate their Wheaties.

CNN’s Candy Crawley, as moderator, expertly officiated last night’s brawl. Unlike the previous debate, the “Town Hall” format was more open and freewheeling.… [Read more]

Presidential Debate, Round 2, Part I.”What I’ve Tried to Do is Be Consistent.”

This is painful to watch. It’s so hard to listen to someone misrepresent what he will do with such aggression and no details.

President Obama set the tone for what was to come when he said, “What I’ve tried to do is be consistent.”

Tonight’s highly anticipated second presidential debate, moderated by CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley already had eyebrows raised even before it aired.… [Read more]

President Obama Needs To Quiz Romney on the Economy

During recent months, much has been said about President Obama’s economic policies. The GOP have relentlessly claimed his ‘reckless’ spending spree is making matters worse. The Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney thinks the government is spending too much, and is failing to create any new jobs. With less than a month before election day Romney still hasn’t given us any concrete plans on how he plans to remedy this situation.… [Read more]

I’m Voting Republican Because…

Get real. We can’t even say that with a straight face.

Our pick of the week video sums up how many of us feel about why voting for the GOP is not an option.

#Backwards…… [Read more]

Would I Lie To You?

This week’s Say It In Song pick is a Eurythmics hit. It came to mind because the recent presidential and vice presidential debates have made us ask that simple question…and apparently, if you’re Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, the answer is a resounding yes.… [Read more]

Conservative Paranoia

Last weekend my husband and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the wedding of a very old friend of my husband’s family. My husband grew up with the bride and so we were honored to drive the 2+ hours across the state to be the representatives from our family.

We were amongst a group that the bride had known since she was very young, and there were older people — friends of my husband’s dad — who were there that we hadn’t seen in quite a long time.… [Read more]

Voters: A Warning to Heed During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The day I was told I might have breast cancer, and needed surgery to determine whether I did, was one of the scariest things I have faced as an adult. With two small children, and a full lifetime of living ahead of me, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear at the age of 39.

One month later, I was faced with another scary reality.… [Read more]

Here’s the Burning Question: What Does Coal Mean to You?

Coal has become THE hot button for Republicans to push in order to take some pot-shots at President Obama. It’s been pushed at campaign rallies, during attack ads, and was brought front and center during the first presidential debate last Wednesday. Romney has made it very obvious—he likes coal. But why focus on this in particular?… [Read more]

Campaign 2012: Let’s Focus on the Big Picture

In the past few weeks the presidential campaign has seen its share of ups and downs on both sides. According to recent polls, Mitt Romney continues to experience a bounce due in large part to his debate performance, while President Obama’s declining poll numbers reflect what many perceive to be his lack of fight. Unfortunately for voters, with this shift has come a noticeable change in the issues presented to voters — and much of what receives attention is not what has the most impact on the populace.… [Read more]