Are Small Arms Really the Antidote to a Tyrannical Government?

Gun ownership is the only thing that stands between us innocent citizens and a government with the potential to turn tyrannical at any moment—or so the gun lobby would have you believe.

As the argument usually goes, the citizenry needs access to semi-automatic and automatic weapons in order to protect itself if the government decides to violently subjugate its own people.… [Read more]

Afghanistan: No Easy Way Forward

The future of the war-torn and decentralized Afghanistan has always been unclear. And after the recent NATO summit where member nations reiterated a strong commitment to having most combat troops out of the country by 2014, the fate of the turbulent nation appears even more uncertain. Yet there are two truths that appear unchallengeable: first, that the continued occupation of the country is unsustainable (especially financially) and second, that all of the most likely outcomes appear bleak.… [Read more]

Haunting Memories

Memorial Day is upon us. Today, countless ceremonies will take place honoring the men and women in uniform who have served this country in past and current wars. We pay special tribute honoring the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Memorial Day, for most of us, comes once a year.… [Read more]