Travel Log: New Zealand

Striving towards becoming borderless involves traveling the world. How else can one really experience a culture without visiting?

It has been a great 9 days.

New Zealand is one gigantic National Park!

The scenery and landscape really cannot be properly described — but I will make an attempt to do so as I don’t think that very many people back home will ever get the opportunity to see it for themselves.… [Read more]

2011: A Blurry Year In Review

This is the time of year when those ‘Year In  Review’ articles appear. The thinking behind (some of) it is that in order to move forward, we should take a look back so that we may see what what we’ve survived and examine the lessons learned along the way. Here’s a small slice of what we recall in no particular order (hey, it’s still holiday season so we’re perfectly fine with being a wee bit foggy from all that, um, holiday cheer).… [Read more]