Have a Grouchy Christmas!!

(Thus begins a new series of random thoughts we shall call “Grouchifications.” They are like pontifications, although we are not a pontiff. We are a grouch. Therefore, the name.)

1. Teacher with unruly student? Problem. Teacher having gun taken away by unruly student? Additional problem.

2. Woman overpowererd by rapist/abusive husband or boyfriend? Problem. Woman having gun wrestled away by stronger rapist/abusive husband or boyfriend?… [Read more]

More God?

“This is what happens when you take God out of the classroom.”

I saw this posted on Facebook, Twitter, opinion pages, and online articles all week – and I still don’t understand it. Most people who stated it really didn’t explain what they meant by it.

I inferred that they meant we (The United States) would not see violence in schools if we taught “God” there.… [Read more]


How many times have you heard the phrase ‘Peace on Earth’ this time of the year? I am sure I will hear someone sing or recite those three words between now and New Year’s Eve. John Lennon sang:

“Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace”

Imagine the two beliefs people have formed through the ages – nationalism and religion – just things of the past like the extinct caveman extinct, now dead and buried never to rise up out of the ashes.… [Read more]

We can’t shoot our way out of our mass killing problem

Friday, December 14, 2012, will be marked indelibly in our minds – the day a wild-eyed, highly disturbed young man, Adam Lanza – aided by his gun enthusiast mother, and America’s gun culture – snatched 20 tiny children and six educators from us in Connecticut.  Since December 14, 2012, this country has been in a period of collective shocked bereavement, and since last Friday, like it always does, this country has emotionally reached out to grieving parents and families of victims, and tried to console them with love and support.  … [Read more]

It is About Guns (and other stuff too), but mostly Guns

It is about guns. And gun culture. And mental illness. And horrible, awful individuals who are of sound mind.  The tragic event that took the lives of 20 babies and 6 courageous adults has these factors baked in.

I’ve resisted posting my thoughts on Facebook or Twitter in the aftermath of all this because, I think, sometimes silence and reflection, not knee jerk responses, are warranted.… [Read more]