No Gun Control = Blood on Their Hands

On December 14, 2012, 26 lives were lost in one of the most horrendous acts of terrorism America has had to endure. The terrorist was not of a different nationality, nor did he speak with a foreign accent or have a ‘different sounding’ name, he was a home-grown, middle-class suburban white kid. He did not strap on a bomb and blow himself up or detonate a truck bomb.… [Read more]

An Opportunity for Reflection

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, a heated debate has surfaced surrounding gun laws in our country. This debate is more of an eventuality than a spontaneous outcry. As we continue to suffer killing sprees and unsolicited violent outbursts in our public places, I’m increasingly bothered by the monotony of the arguments.… [Read more]

Be Kind

Over the past four days, I have gone through a lot of emotions about the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

My initial reaction was shock, followed by passionate anger and defensiveness at almost every post I saw on social media.  I felt that I was suddenly surrounded by callous idiots.

I saw posts about how the mentally ill should put a bullet in their own heads before they hurt someone else.… [Read more]

“Firearms Freedom” Comes To Kindergarten

Trying to find what is ailing, living in the Land of the Free.” ~Jimmy Buffett, Banana Republics

Yet another American massacre. Kindergarten.

The gun lobby will chant their tired mantras that we can’t stop the crazies intent upon mass mayhem, but do we, as a society, have to keep trading our safety for a gun fetish disguised as “freedom”?… [Read more]