The “Nuns on the Bus” Immigration Tour Closes Today

Last year, Sister Simone Campbell made quite a splash on national television when she took her mission on the road. She went from around the nation, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, raising awareness about those among us who live in poverty, and she took her fight to congress when she brought attention to how their budget adversely impacts the most vulnerable in our society.… [Read more]

Romney’s Choice Makes It Clear: This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s GOP

The GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney says that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is the guy who is willing to “make the tough decisions”.  Many of us can respect someone who is willing to analyse a situation (in which everyone has at least one opinion) and make a decision that could be unpopular. Quite often it appears that politicians on both sides of the aisle are completely content to kick the can of fiscal discipline and rational decision-making down the road.… [Read more]

Pope Benedict, the Proclamation…and the Nuns

A Roman Catholic church official was recently convicted of child endangerment — a groundbreaking case because it’s the first time a conviction of a church official has resulted from the crime of mishandling abuse cases. Do you remember back two years ago when the Vatican proclaimed that ordination of female priests is as high a “crime” as pedophilia — as though ordaining a woman is on the same level as sending pedophiles to unsuspecting churches.… [Read more]