Olympic Dream

I’m a pretty cynical, cautious person.

I take almost everything I hear in the news with a grain of salt and I know that not much out there is “pure and untainted” by government, politics, big business, and/or corporate America.

I am one JFK documentary and a Free Mason special away from being a conspiracy theorist myself.… [Read more]

#RomneyShambles Slinks Back Home

Man, for a CEO or whatever he was, this man, Mitt Romney, is a stone blunderbuss. He’s slinking back to the U.S. with his tail between his legs (come to think of it, probably about how his pooch felt on the roof of the family car), no doubt with wild thoughts about how to make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear that was his London tour.… [Read more]

The Mittwit Abroad

Well no, Mitt Romney didn’t actually say to Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, “Ben, What’s it like living where our Lord Jesus Christ, was born?”

But he did manage to insult buckets of people at the Olympics and, of course, there is still time!  What should have been an easy diplomatic romp in our best ally and friend’s country, Great Britain, was riddled with gaffes, blunders and faux pas. … [Read more]

July 29, 2012…Ending the Week

We began the week with that horrible deja vu feeling; first we said, “Enough is enough” with the Aurora, Colorado shootings, and then we ended up questioning whether we are asking the right questions. Do we ever know what really is in or out of our control when we look at the aftermath of violence, whether the episodes take place domestically or overseas?… [Read more]