How to Greenify Your Home This Summer

Getting your home as green as possible can be a challenge, especially when summer is in full swing. Although no one wants to spend their summer doing renovations, getting everything done when the weather is nice is a great idea. 

Toxic chemicals and materials, can hide in plain sight within your home, and if you’re serious about preserving your health and the health of your family, it’s important to do something about it.… [Read more]


A couple months ago I read a book called Why Women Need Fat by William D Lassek, MD and Steven Gaulin.

I was skeptical that it would just be another gimmicky thing about weight loss, but instead I read things that made my entire struggle with weight and food choices make sense.

While the book had a LOT more to say, the thing that kept smacking me in the face was that our bodies were not built to eat food that has to be manufactured and altered in order to actually BE food.… [Read more]