Reasons to Outsource Mobile App Testing

If you are running a business, then chances are you have at least looked into developing a mobile app. If you haven’t, then you are missing out. The field of mobile apps is exploding. It is huge. If you don’t have an app for business, then you are losing out on reaching a large group of customers.… [Read more]

Changed Reality : Attack of the MBAs

In my previous blog post I mentioned the concept of changed reality; the United States is no longer a land of opportunity. Looking at the post later, I realized that it is also important to know how things changed, one step at a time.

When this country began, no one wanted to create a privileged class, no one started with the intention of exporting jobs and certainly no one wanted to destroy the middle class.… [Read more]

Mitt Romney Tries to Escape What’s Behind His Many Doors

When Millard Mitt Romney was fighting it out this year with the other Republican Troglodytes, it was thought that his only political liability wast his Mormon religious beliefs and how they would offend the evangelical Republican base. Now, of course, since he’s the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, we have learned better. Evidence of many more liabilities, hidden all this time behind the doors of the various Romney family mansions and under the seats of its many limousines, is beginning to emerge, and there’s no way to close the doors now…… [Read more]

The United States of America: Made in China?

By the time you have read this article you will have most likely heard the controversy over the U.S. Olympic teams’ uniforms being made in China.  Although most of the U.S. seems alarmed and shocked by this, I can’t say I’m surprised…

Most people seem to think of China as this monolithic force that’s stealing U.S.… [Read more]

How Reagan Sold The United States Piece By Piece

One thing that the libertarians are extremely good at is channeling the anger at Democrats for the Republican misdeeds. The methodology is rather simple and this is how it works.

  1. Take any action where the government made a big boo-boo!
  2. Keep talking about the mistake and how that mistake would not have happened if there was no government.
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