Veena Malik — Beauty Beyond the Body

A while ago, yet another TV show brought Pakistan’s most famous and at the same time controversial actress Veena Malik on screen with the same clichéd topic: whether what she did while in India (considered as Pakistan’s traditional/arch rival) was appropriate. During the show, Veena told about her vegetarianism. And it was news!

Hosted by the once popular TV anchor Nadia Khan, the show pitted Veena Malik against the public and had a panel of guests including her ex Babrak Shah, a mainly Pashtu film actor.… [Read more]

Shackles of Identity – With Guilt from Pakistan

There were times when traveling internationally must have been fun for an average Pakistani; but no more, it seems. What the connection to violence and terrorism has done to the “Pakistani” identity over the past more than ten years is apparent from this person’s story whom we’ll call “Azad”.

Azad became a Canadian citizen a few years ago and has been a peaceful and liberal addition to the Canadian society.… [Read more]