Dummy’s Guide to Understanding Stem Cell Transplants

Stem cell research has appeared on the front pages once again. This week, the US Supreme Court announced that they have rejected an appeal that had been filed to block the government’s funding of stem cell research so that the research can proceed. The court refused to hear an appeal from scientists who have been challenging the federal funding for stem cell research — which is used with the hope that the cells will enable scientists to find cures for spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s disease — on the grounds that it was violating a law that prohibits taxpayer financing for work that harms embryos.… [Read more]

Fecal Cliff Crisis Put Off One More Day

After strenuous negotiations with the lower intestines, the Body finally passed a continuing “Moist Driftwood” resolution that allowed for the continued order and function of its digestive system for one more day. Thus, the daily “Fecal Cliff” crisis has been pushed back for another 24 hours.

“It’s frustrating to have to go through this every day,” said Bill Schmalfeldt’s brain, nominal chief executive and operating officer of the Body.… [Read more]

The Great Blogcast Debate!

Gosh. I’m so excited to have been part of Blogcasting history. I hope that all five listeners to Lee Stranahan‘s show this Sunday afternoon (thank God the Packers game was already over, or I would have missed it — GO PACK!)

I will give Stranny credit. He knew it was me. He took the call. I’m thinking he might have a portion of a testicle after all in that otherwise empty scrotum of his.… [Read more]

Living with Parkinson’s: No Longer Shall I Be Chief Spider Warrior of the House

This is why it’s always better to listen to Momma than it is to fight spiders.

I have always been the Spider Fighter in the family. Gail is deathly afraid of spiders. For me, it’s bees and wasps. Ever since I’ve known Gail, when there was a spider to be dispatched and I was around, it was my job to send the spider to his Spider Hell.… [Read more]

Republican 2014 Senatorial Candidate Tells Man with Parkinson’s Disease, “Get a Life, Cripple!”

William Robert Looman, 601 Ridgeview Dr, Waco, GA 30182-3437, has thrown his hat into the ring to challenge Republican incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss in 2014.

Listing his profession on his Facebook page as “Politician”, Looman announced:


Horrible Old Man in Wheelchair Threatens Right Wing Scam, I Mean, Fundraising Efforts with Truthtelling – Files IC3 Complaint and 2nd Report with Dallas PD

Update: Since certain people can’t take “Shut Yer Rotting Gob” as a hint, I have filed an Internet Cyber Crimes report and a Second Report with the Dallas Police Department against a certain individual who is using my name to raise money the same way a televangelist uses “Satan.” No more playing! ALLLLLLLL Done! Meet “The Threat to All that is Good and Decent!”… [Read more]

Why Did Karl Rove Make Me Take Down a Zazzle Item?

Hi there.  Remember last week’s story with the funny headline, “Is Karl Rove Making Naughty Gay Boinky Boinks With Skeezy Ex Con?“

Well, we still can’t argue definitively yes or no to that one.

What we CAN tell you is that Karl Rove ordered the popular personalized gift-making company, Zazzle, to remove an image I had put on t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs, etc. … [Read more]

And the Lord Sayeth, ‘Your Health? Your Problem!’

In his fourth encyclical, Pope William I, spiritual head of the Church of Self Actualization, discusses the importance of “Christian Charity” and “Doing Unto Others” as long as there is a “Buck to be Made.”


Ever Had Your Brain Pierced? I Have.

The timing is really odd. On June 13, I will be talking to a bunch of congressional staffers about the need for increased funding for Parkinson’s disease research.

How did I get so lucky? Oh, you’re going to be so JEALOUS!

I’ve had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years. But more than that.

I volunteered for brain surgery five years ago.… [Read more]