It’s Only a Dream…the American Dream, that is…

The stock markets soarĀ and the rich get richer, but the middle class has lost ground and the poor live in stagnation. For many, the “American Dream” is nowhere in sight. Teachers, cops and other civil servants have seen their salaries erode before their own eyes as they struggle to try to fulfill a dream rigged by the powers that be.… [Read more]

Ask Mrs. Vera: What About a Trillion Dollar Coin?


Dear Mrs. Vera,

What do you think about a Trillion dollar coin as a solution to the debt ceiling issue? Owe-verwhelmed in Owe-maha

Dear Ow-weema-wa Ow-weeema-wa,

Thank you for your question regarding the appropriate, grown-up response to handling the debts one has incurred in the process of making both the continued existence of millions and millions of Americans living in poverty barely possible while simultaneously continuing to inflate the wealth of the bagful of elite, expensive-chair-breaking multimillionaires who’ve got it all, except for that part that helps workers eat and do whatever it is the poor do with all that free time.… [Read more]

Social Security’s Not on Negotiating Table, but Revenue-Raising Option Being Ignored

This week wraps up with the topic that promises to be the talk of Washington and the nation until it’s resolved one way or the other by January 1, 2013: the budget showdown, entitlement programs and the impendingĀ fiscal cliff. President Obama has repeatedly stated that Social Security is not on the fiscal cliff negotiating table but that message has been largely ignored by House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans, and maybe even some Democrats.… [Read more]