Water Waste in America and How Things are Changing for the Better

Water is the most precious resource on earth, essential for all forms of life. It makes up about 60% of the weight of an average human body and without water life would not exist on earth. As the human population continues to multiply exponentially, the strain on important resources such as water continues to grow. It is important to ensure conservation of water for the continued existence of life on earth.… [Read more]

International Baby-Haters

I’m frankly not a fan of babies; working in a pediatric practice has cultivated a deep revulsion in me for them, and the looming threat of disastrous overconsumption, a phenomenon which their very existence precipitates, has made me genuinely fear what all these inane infants are capable of.

While declining birthrates are a hallmark of postindustrial societies and the spread of neoliberal norms, the global population is continuing to grow exponentially, threatening the ecological stability of our entire planet.… [Read more]

Real Talk: Only 18 Years To Go?

Hello again, and welcome to the latest installment of James’ Apocalyptic Rants. But this time, we’re not talking science fiction; this time, it’s for real. Don’t take my word for it, though. A crew of researchers at MIT called it way back in 1972, and although they were scorned for their conclusions at the time, all of the data we have to work with today is letting them have the last word.… [Read more]