Falling off “horses” and landing on “bayonets.”

In the national anthem of the island of Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett sang about a libation-fueled crawl including a “blew out my flip flop” mishap.  I think Mitt Romney owns a Bain-acquired flip-flop warehouse just to cover his blown footwear needs.  To cite my decades-long following of Caribbean troubadour Brother Jimmy again, teetotaling, decaf Mitt Romney “stepped on a [LOT] of pop-top[s].” … [Read more]

Je me souviens (I can remember)

I can remember.

In the mountains of West Virginia, there’s a former governor named Arch Moore (R) with a Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate number for corruption, who kept trying to resurrect his revoked law license in his Geritol years by telling the state’s Supreme Court of Appeals  that he regretted being caught.

Plutocrat poster boy Mitt Romney had a group epileptic Etch-A-Sketch shaking fit aboard his campaign bus last week wanting Americans to forget his slacker “47%” remarks made during a May oh-so-Tiffany’s-tony private Wall Streeter fundraiser in Boca Raton.… [Read more]

Fight Back!

Popular opinion is that President Obama lost the first presidential debate to Mitt Romney. Not his finest 90 minutes. The fact checkers know that Mitt switched many of his prior positions (OK, he lied) — so that was even more reason that the President could have delivered a few blows. The truth would have hurt.

The art editorial below is from the archives; it was drawn when the GOP took over Congress during the midterm elections.… [Read more]

Audition Time

In a parliamentary system of government, campaigns aren’t drawn-out affairs.

Back when Great Britain engaged in the barbarism of state-sanctioned executions, the Crown’s hangman at least got his grisly work done and over with with a minimum of fuss and delay. In the country that brought the world Hollywood, we have to inject a bit of Cecil B.… [Read more]