Rigging the Presidential Election

Let me start by saying I think the entire Electoral College process stinks. It’s antiquated and subject to manipulation. Although I don’t think that it will happen in my lifetime, I believe that it’s time to move to a popular vote process.

If Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and the need for affirmative action can be argued as outdated, why can’t the Electoral College process?… [Read more]

Weekly Wrap, November 11th

For today’s Weekly Wrap, there’s no more appropriate summary for all events that took place over the past seven days than to simply say…President Obama won his bid for re-election. To the surprise of the Republican Party, the President won both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, with a final tally of 332 to 206 once Florida’s votes were counted.… [Read more]

A Little More Schadenfreude: Still Life With The Donald

Following a hard-fought battle, such as the recent Presidential election, the winners are inclined to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude for the losers. In case you haven’t heard, “schadenfreude” is a German word meaning, loosely, glee in the misfortune of others.… [Read more]

Election 2012: *points and snickers*

Since President Obama’s reelection Tuesday night, Republicans’ reflections on their embarrassing loss, ironically, have been a reflection of the exact reasons why they lost.  In the aftermath, the $400,000,000 question is this: Who lost the election? Conservamoderate Mitt Romney or the Party itself?

First, I feel compelled to disabuse the premise. Barack Obama won the Presidential election.… [Read more]

This is a Democracy

The 2012 elections are history and Barack Obama has been re-elected President of the United States. In winning, he pulled along three senate and one congressional seat, expanding the Democrats majority in the Senate and reducing the Republican majority by one in the House.

In President Obama’s outstanding victory speech, he mentioned how some had to endure voter intimidation, suppression and long lines to vote.… [Read more]

Life Lessons After Defeat for the GOP

The dust has settled. Somewhat. The race for the White House captured much of the nation’s attention but while Mitt Romney’s loss was the highest profile defeat, Republicans lost to Democrats in other attention-worthy races across the nation. Each loss presents the GOP with an opportunity; enter the analysis phase of the post-election cycle.

Whether one blames Chris Christie, Hurricane Sandy or bad message delivery what cannot be disputed is that, as Bob Dylan said years ago, “The times…they are a-changing.[Read more]

The Election Mandate: Zero Tolerance for Extremism

Like many progressives, I went to sleep on Tuesday night with an easier mind. I knew that I was waking up on Wednesday to President Barack Obama for a second term.

But the post-mortem for conservatives began before election night was over. On CNN, Republican pundit Alex Castellanos was dissecting Mitt Romney’s political approach and why it wasn’t effective, apparently bracing himself for a Romney loss.… [Read more]


Enough said.… [Read more]

This is it.

“If you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull…”

Ergo, the final week of campaign strategy for Myth Romney and Lyin’ Ryan. Flooding the airwaves with oft-repeated (and debunked) falsehoods prove the effectiveness of the asbestos in Mittens’ magic undies, and the inability of Queen Ann to park one of her Caddys in the La Jolla, California latest manse elevatored underground garage for all the Washington Post fact checker Pinocchios.… [Read more]

Local Issues with National Impact

It has been said that politics is a local issue. Given all the attention being paid to this crucial presidential election, it should be remembered that many of the issues affecting us take place on the national level but, as we have seen over the past nearly 4 years of the Obama administration, it is the state-level politicians — the senators and congressmen — who have the ability to support or block efforts that affect the entire nation.… [Read more]