Willard Mitt Romney: The Shape-Shifter

I have written quite a bit about the Republican presidential candidates. I mean, who could resist that certifiable and hapless bunch? From the rank hypocrisy of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann (and the rest of them for that matter), to Rick Santorum’s misogynistic overreach, from Newt’s baggage (which would rival the contents of the cargo hold on a 747), to Ron Paul’s list of pathologies that likely appear in the DSM-IV, they have provided me with endless fodder upon which to opine….and… [Read more]

Let The Smears Begin

The other day, while discussing current events over lunch with my parents, I gave them a warning: “Don’t be surprised if I end up serving a life sentence. If Rick Santorum becomes president, I might not be able to resist the urge to kill him.”

My old man didn’t miss a beat. “Don’t worry,” he calmly reassured me as if this were a perfectly normal conversation that every father and son has at some point.… [Read more]