A Rant Against Hoodies

The deadline for my blog article is fast approaching and I am at a complete loss as to what to write.

It is not as if I am out of subjects; there are plenty. I had decided to begin a series that takes a look at the gun control debate in USA. The plan was to start with George Zimmerman, go backwards in history, understand historical precedence and accidents, and gain an understanding of both sides of the debate.… [Read more]

This Being an Election Year…

This is an election year, an Olympic year, a leap year. Today is our extra day. Now watch how it gets squandered. Watch our candidates jostle for position as lead panderer. I can only hope that it remains this way until November. It’s far more effective to let the Republicans figuratively kill themselves during the primaries than it is to shoot them in the barrel — the ballot box.… [Read more]