Is Technology Ruining Our Relationships?

Banksy, a notorious and admired urban graffiti artist, created a mural in Bristol, U.K. that shows two people, presumably a couple, hugging and looking at their respective cellphones over each other’s shoulders.

The mural has the world talking. The mysterious artist isn’t known for vandalism but rather social commentary—art that becomes political discussion. And this unsolicited public artwork asks: “Is social media making us antisocial?”… [Read more]

Getting Back Into the Pool: Online Dating – A User’s Perspective, Part II

Part Two: Do’s and a few “Please don’ts!”

In part one, I covered the basics. Let’s move on. Instant messages….they can be fun. It’s a great way to get to know someone, isn’t it? You can chat online and have fun. But they can also be a drag. Here’s what I mean:

I’m online and I get an alert that lets me know that JohnBoy2010 wants to chat with me.… [Read more]

Getting Back Into the Pool: Online Dating – A User’s Perspective, Part I

Part One: “The Basics”   Fellas, can I speak to you a second?

This online dating thing….we’re trying it out and hoping to meet someone we really like. You are too, right? It has its ups and downs and can be tricky. Yeah, some folks lie about how they look, and I know some of those profiles just aren’t real.… [Read more]

“sometimes you gotta walk away and let em grow.”

i hope y’all don’t mind if i get personal for a moment.  and truthfully, i probably shouldn’t write this now because the feelings are so fresh. but alas, here we are.  you’re stuck with me.

the title of this post was actually a tweet that found its way into my timeline yesterday. i’ve used it probably four or five times in the last 24 hours.… [Read more]

The Real War

The last two episodes of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” that I saw really got to me. Both started with rapes – one particularly violent and disturbing because it took place in a mental hospital.

Maybe I’ve lost my spine because, lately, I’m having trouble looking at such things — and that means I can’t tolerate a lot of television these days.… [Read more]