Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Maybe…

A friend of mine recently went through a bad break-up. As is often the case with friends and lovers, friends’ lovers become your friends too. And unfortunately, if and when the lovin’ goes sour, friends get caught in the middle and are left to choose sides.

In the break-up melee, I got a message that was like: it’s sad to see friendships dissolved because we are loyal to one side or the other.… [Read more]

A Little ‘Something Something’ On The Chain of Command: Respect For Your Superiors And The President

I am a Sailor at heart, and an enlisted Sailor at that. So, taking orders is not something I’m unaccustomed to doing.  Also, 14 and a half years in the military left me with a certain degree of ‘military bearing’ that has left me with the ability to handle myself in most situations.

For example, I can handle a butt-chewing from my boss, even when it’s not deserved, because I’ve been down that road many times before and I can remain calm and courteous because professionalism is part of the job, in my opinion, whether my boss shows it or not.… [Read more]