To Hell in a Left Hand Basket

Last night I was talking with someone who has an active mind that I very much respect. I always enjoy our discussions whether about politics, sports or women. Politically we are polar opposites, but we share passions and, at the end of the day, we share many concerns. This was not an angry or contentious discussion by any means but, toward the end, I realized, perhaps for the first time, that our views of the state of America are as opposed as our solutions.… [Read more]

Help! Help! My ox is being gored!

The chill January landscapes of the Great White North were briefly thawed this week by the forces of (human) nature. Sun Television Network, unrepentant capitalists and right wing apostles all, are screaming blue bloody murder. The CRTC, our national telecoms regulator, banished the Sun to the cable band nether regions when the network was founded a few years ago.… [Read more]

Why Are Right Wing Extremists So Anti-Islamic?

Simple. It has nothing to do with the color of skin. It’s nothing that simple. In fact, most right wingers don’t know WHY they are Islamophobic. They just know they “support Israel” because their leaders “support Israel” and they must do as their leaders tell them because that’s why we have leaders because they know better than we do.… [Read more]

The Great Blogcast Debate!

Gosh. I’m so excited to have been part of Blogcasting history. I hope that all five listeners to Lee Stranahan‘s show this Sunday afternoon (thank God the Packers game was already over, or I would have missed it — GO PACK!)

I will give Stranny credit. He knew it was me. He took the call. I’m thinking he might have a portion of a testicle after all in that otherwise empty scrotum of his.… [Read more]

Right Wingers Find New Mary Jo Kopechne

The victim had every reason to believe there was a long, successful life ahead. Seated in the car, there was no reason to worry, no way to know that death was just seconds away. When the victim was eventually taken to the morgue, there was talk that the death was not accidental. But the killer was never charged in the untimely death of someone so young, someone whose life held so much promise.… [Read more]

Post-Election Fallout: The Night of the Long Knives, Part Deux

“This evil organization will not tolerate failure!”  ~ Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

As a political columnist, I perversely relish morning-after losing side recriminations. As the old ABC Wide World of Sports intro script went: “And the agony of defeat,” whilst showing a clip of why sane people don’t generally tend to take up ski jumping.… [Read more]

El Rushbo rides again, with groupies!

Conservative loudmouth Rush Limbaugh ranted about a funny Obama for President ad featuring HBO TV show “Girls” actress Lena Dunham, titled “First Time.” Yes, the same Rush Limbaugh who lost a ton of advertisers not too many months ago after calling Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.”  Turns out college dropout Limbaugh didn’t fare well in that exchange.… [Read more]

Horrible Old Man in Wheelchair Threatens Right Wing Scam, I Mean, Fundraising Efforts with Truthtelling – Files IC3 Complaint and 2nd Report with Dallas PD

Update: Since certain people can’t take “Shut Yer Rotting Gob” as a hint, I have filed an Internet Cyber Crimes report and a Second Report with the Dallas Police Department against a certain individual who is using my name to raise money the same way a televangelist uses “Satan.” No more playing! ALLLLLLLL Done! Meet “The Threat to All that is Good and Decent!” His name is Bill Schmalfeldt.… [Read more]

Scott Van Duzer’s Bear Hug Highlights the Republican Lockstep Mentality

Florida Big Apple pizza shop owner and tireless blood donor volunteer, Scott Van Duzer, is now the living, breathing (and yes, very appealing) face of all that is wrong with the Republican Party. In a photo that’s gone viral, Van Duzer wrapped President Obama in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground. The backlash against him by the right was swift and predictably terrible.… [Read more]

Are We Better Off?

For this week’s wrap up, filmmaker Gene Cartwright’s video provides a succinct response. The 2012 answer to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Campaign question to President Jimmy Carter is clear. At no time can every individual in America answer,”yes” but this short film provides a fact-filled answer that no reasonable questioner can deny. Without the actions presented in the video, the nation would most certainly be MUCH worse off.… [Read more]

The Speech That Still Has Everyone Talking

“Masterful.”  – Fox News’ Chris Wallace

“Very well delivered” – Fox News contributor Karl Rove

“Oh my god.” – MSNBC, Rachel Maddow

“Brilliantly written and brilliantly delivered.” – MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt

“Michelle Obama owned this convention in a way that no speaker owned the floor of the convention in Tampa.” – Chuck Todd

“Never heard such a well delivered speech by a first lady ever.” CNN’s Anderson Cooper

“A grand slam.” – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

These are just some of the rave reviews FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech received.… [Read more]

The Incredibly Entertaining and Revenge-Inspiring Tale of How I Got SWATTED by a Dentally-Challenged Right Wing Idiot

Meet Lee Stranahan.

Handsome lad.  He’s a filmmaker!


And he’s a homeowner. I know this because he’s also offering to teach people how to be big, famous bloggers, just like him!

Well, GOLLY!  Who wouldn’t want to be a big, famous BLOGGER?  So, I applied to the URL on the tweet and filled out an application. … [Read more]

The Anatomy of “The Big Lie”

Some advice for the Romney/Ryan 2012 campaign: you might ask first before you swipe musicians’ works for your rallies.  Never fear, two dozen years ago, the late, great musician Frank Zappa released “When The Lie’s So Big”  in his 1988 album: Broadway the Hard Way, which lampooned some conservative politicians and figures of the Righty-revered Reagan era:… [Read more]

The “Christian Right” is Neither

Frank Bruni of the NY Times wrote a piece entitled, “The Divine Miss M,” a scathing dissection of Michele Bachmann’s life, a life which is the antithesis of the “Christianity” she espouses. Wrote Bruni, “. . . [S]he presents herself as a godly woman, humbly devoted to her Christian faith. I’d like to meet that god, and I’d like to understand that Christianity.”  Bruni noted Bachmann’s vendetta against Hillary Clinton’s aide, Muslim-born Huma Abedin, and Bachmann’s vengeful mission to spread dissension, lies and hatred toward Muslim Americans.  … [Read more]

Buck Wild Election Year 2012

As hard as it still is for me to believe, I am writer for a news website, and yet I have not written anything about the most pressing political issue in our nation today: the upcoming presidential election. That’s because I have NO INTEREST in it. Up until this morning, I’d barely even read about it aside from a few clips on my Yahoo news feed, which is about as informative as a celebrity gossip tabloid, and even that was more out of a kind of sardonic “hahaha look at these fuggin’ idiots” need for a quick laugh than any desire for information.… [Read more]

Compromise is Cheap

Ok, so last week’s unemployment report was less than spectacular with only 84 thousand jobs created. Not good enough!!! President Obama must go down!!! …No, hold on a minute! Let’s put this in perspective — it is still job growth.

Remember, the President did have to deal with preventing another Great Depression after being handed the worst economic mess one can imagine from the Right wing.… [Read more]

The Right Wing Crazies Are Howling

For three and a half years there have been viable threats, of one form or another, to this President, beginning the night of his inauguration:  While we were crying and cheering and gathering joyfully in Grant Park, dark forces on the right – including Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Pete Sessions, Jim DeMint, Jon Kyl, Newt Gingrich and Frank Luntz – wrung their hands and gnashed their teeth and vowed to oppose every one of President Obama’s legislative proposals, and ultimately derail President Obama’s presidency.  … [Read more]

Miracles and Wonders Like What You Never Saw! Part II

In today’s Encyclical, the Holy Uncle shares Part II of some of the miracles and wonders that survive the rewriting of Sacred Scripture in the new Tea Party Version (TPV) of the Bible.


Well hello there, my children. Thank you, again, for dialing up the pope, or whatever you call it on this Internet thing.… [Read more]

Miracles and Wonders Like What You Never Saw! Clever Ways to Turn a Buck!

In today’s Encyclical, the Holy Uncle shares some of the miracles and wonders that survive the rewriting of Sacred Scripture in the new Tea Party Version (TPV) of the Bible.


Well hello there, my children. Thank you for dialing up the pope, or whatever you call it on this Internet thing.… [Read more]

America The Broken

I hate what our America has become under the GOP.

Our America has become a swaggering, imperialistic, bullying Billionaire Boys Club, drawing a line in our planetary dust and daring anyone to step over it.

An America where if you fall out of lockstep with the obstructionist right-wing House majority – the folks who are truly running things these days, whether you’re gay, you support a woman’s choice, you’re a Muslim, a liberal – or you simply believe that a person’s religion or sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue…no, if you fall out of the lockstep, that marching FOX-watching army of wingnut zombies will simply march right over you – and either haul you up back into lockstep with duct tape over your mouth, or they’ll silence you a different way, with vituperation and blistering scorn, calling you “anti-American“.… [Read more]