Keep talking, Rand Paul…We’re Listening

Rand Paul (R-KY) wants to be President of the United States. He also wants African-Americans to believe that he is not a bigot. During his recent outreach visit to Howard University he  relayed to the students of the elite, predominantly African-American institution that he has never been against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and that he does not have a bigoted bone in his body or a racist feeling in his heart.… [Read more]

Ron Paul’s Policy on Drugs

Retiring Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) has made his views widely known. Among his most-discussed policy ideas are his views on the nation’s ‘War on Drugs’. Paul’s policy on drugs became a topic of  discussion during a recent argument. Quite predictability, Portugal’s success in decriminalizing drugs was claimed as the ultimate proof that Ron Paul’s policy will work in the U.S.… [Read more]

Post-Election Fallout: The Night of the Long Knives, Part Deux

“This evil organization will not tolerate failure!”  ~ Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

As a political columnist, I perversely relish morning-after losing side recriminations. As the old ABC Wide World of Sports intro script went: “And the agony of defeat,” whilst showing a clip of why sane people don’t generally tend to take up ski jumping.… [Read more]

Bad Call

It would take a controversial,  outcome changing, and bungled call by a stand-in scab referee in the Seattle Seahawks-Green Bay Packers game to get even notorious public union buster Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisc.) tweeting in anger for professional football team owners to end their lockout and bring back competent unionized officiating. After all, it was something as vital as Monday Night Football, and not annoyingly coddled nurses, schoolteachers, and librarians minding our kids.… [Read more]

Oh Ron Paul, You Crazy Old Goat!

Like Kelly Clarkson, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Congressman Ron Paul. I’ve never been one of his staunch supporters but I could respect some of his Libertarian viewpoints, especially his anti-occupation sentiment with regard to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also admired that he’s been a true maverick sharing ideas that ruffle the feathers of his party.… [Read more]

Another Conspiracy Theory About the Kennedy Assassination

This is not exactly a conspiracy theory since there is no claim of involvement by any outside party such as the CIA, mafia or even the Soviets. What I am presenting is some disturbing similarities between Lee Harvey Oswald (the sniper who allegedly murdered President Kennedy) and Jared Lee Loughner (the man charged with the shooting in Arizona in which six people were killed and 14 others, including U.S.… [Read more]

It’s A Wrap – Week in Review, April 8, 2012

Did we end this week the same way we started? Conservative magazine, The National Review, just fired one of its writers. Why? Because the writer, a self-described ‘tolerant racist’, posted an article to white parents that relays the advice he gave his own children about the hazards of being in close proximity to black people.… [Read more]

Ron Paul…

Poor guy…well, not so much. I wonder if he has said anything that people could consider somewhat offensive? Whyyyyyyyyy won’t people listen?… [Read more]

Ron Paul – A Biopsy, Part III

In the previous two parts, we have looked at Ron Paul’s racist past and why there is a very strong possibility that he continues to believe in the white supremacy.

In this part let us look at his positions on various issues and understand what he is proposing will bring more violence to this country.

I had multiple offline discussion with various people over my previous articles on Ron Paul.  … [Read more]

It’s A Wrap – Week In Review February 26, 2012

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Well, maybe that’s not always a good thing — at least when the person saying what he means is a certain sweater vest-wearing presidential candidate. After all, if a candidate says what he really means then (thinking) people may not cast a vote for him, right?

Thankfully, Rick Santorum has no filter; ridiculous statements he made this past week seemed to have the underlying theme of control — mostly over women’s bodies.… [Read more]