The Norquist “tax pledge” exodus: Further proof there’s no Republican leadership

Some might look at the Republican flight from Grover Norquist’s legendary “tax pledge” as evidence that, finally, Republicans are stepping up and doing what’s best for Americans. Some might see this Republican exodus as proof that, finally, Republicans are done being guided by zealots and are frankly tired of losing elections. Some might see this Republican rejection of Norquist as courageous.  … [Read more]

Campaign 2012: The Final Days

“Trying to reason with hurricane season.”

– Jimmy Buffett

This week, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, President Obama and Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) set their campaigning differences aside to deal with a catastrophic storm.  It didn’t take long for that Rightie klaxon Rush Limbaugh to blast Chris Christie for being too chummy with the President.… [Read more]

El Rushbo rides again, with groupies!

Conservative loudmouth Rush Limbaugh ranted about a funny Obama for President ad featuring HBO TV show “Girls” actress Lena Dunham, titled “First Time.” Yes, the same Rush Limbaugh who lost a ton of advertisers not too many months ago after calling Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.”  Turns out college dropout Limbaugh didn’t fare well in that exchange.… [Read more]

War on Sex, Drugs: A Bunch o’ Malarkey

So Limbaugh called a female law student, Sandra Fluke, a prostitute.  Yes, and Bill Maher said “see you next Tuesday.”  I’ve been called worse, but that guy was on stage in front of a room full of drunk comics.  I was angry.  I was upset.  I wish I had been able to make an example of the situation like Ms.… [Read more]

What is Really Behind the War on Women?

Is it Natalism or (White) Nationalism?

The term “Natalism” or “pronatalism” means to be “pro-birth.”  It is a belief that promotes human reproduction via child bearing, often by seeking to limit access to abortion and contraception.  It may also provide for financial and social incentives to increase the non-immigrant population, especially in western nations and developed nations.… [Read more]

Vagina. There…I Said It.

How have we fallen so far? We seem to be making strides and then we have to deal with the support of this idiot.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh issued an apology to Sandra Fluke on his website, saying “in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize.”

Where is that funny?… [Read more]

It’s A Wrap – Week In Review March 4, 2012

The end of another politically eventful week. During this past week, the big-mouth stole the national spotlight; the GOP’s poster child for bad behaviour, Herr Rush Limbaugh, behaved like, well…Rush Limbaugh. After several of his large sponsors fled the scene under duress, Rush issued a half-arsed apology. Consumer money talked and sponsors walked. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of that, um, incident; I’m waiting for news that Clear Channel Communications, his corporate overlord, drops Rush on his rather ample arse.… [Read more]

We’re In A Rush

If you can’t say something nice…

Authorities said a suspicious package was sent to the South Florida home of right-wing radio ‘personality’ Rush Limbaugh. They reported that the contents weren’t dangerous and didn’t contain hazardous materials. It turns out that the package contained materials for a business proposal that a fan and supporter didn’t make Rush aware of prior to shipping it to Rush’s home.… [Read more]

Message Received.

What a disappointment.  Yesterday was special election day in New York City; of course, it wasn’t what is considered to be a major election but, all the same, the people were given a chance to exercise their right to vote and express what’s on their collective mind at the ballot box.  Democracy at work that is, if democracies are bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers!Months… [Read more]