Religious leaders have called it immoral; some have even suggested that Jesus himself would oppose it. Various leaders of the Republican party have opposed it and even David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, called it a fairy tale. Many on the left have referred to it as ‘austerity on steroids.’

What has all of these different people so upset?… [Read more]

It’s an ‘Obamanation’…Or so the fear goes.

abomination [əˌbɒmɪˈneɪʃən]

noun 1. a person or thing that is disgusting 2. an action that is vicious, vile, etc. 3. intense loathing

It’s clear that many on the right view President Obama as an abomination worthy of disdain — but is it possible that what the electorate is witnessing is their fear that the extremist ideology touted by the right continues to lose support?… [Read more]


When the Mitt Romney campaign selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, it was the icing on the cake of Republican hypocrisy. In Paul Ryan, not only do you have a man who has spent his entire adult life working in Washington for the Republican Party in some capacity, Romney picked a man who actually used social programs that he now wants to eliminate from the federal budget.… [Read more]

Romney’s Choice Makes It Clear: This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s GOP

The GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney says that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is the guy who is willing to “make the tough decisions”.  Many of us can respect someone who is willing to analyse a situation (in which everyone has at least one opinion) and make a decision that could be unpopular. Quite often it appears that politicians on both sides of the aisle are completely content to kick the can of fiscal discipline and rational decision-making down the road.… [Read more]

The Show Must Go On

The campaign to showcase the GOP’s “War on Women” has been a total success. Women are discussing everything from contraceptive coverage to long overdue membership at Augusta. And as women are becoming more engaged in the political system, looking carefully at candidates at every level, and educating themselves about what is really being proposed by conservatives – the President’s numbers are rising. … [Read more]

Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan

US Congressman Paul Ryan (R- WI) has crafted a budget proposal for the nation; it’s the so-called Roadmap for America’s Future.… [Read more]