Bank on Better Savings

This article looks at how Americans can get better returns on their banking investments. Are more people using credit unions? If your bank offers low interest returns on savings accounts etc. is it time to move to another one? Many banks collected an enormous amount of fees from customers yearly. How can consumers cut down on these?… [Read more]

Money, Credit, and Our Kids

I remember going to work with my mom when I was a little girl. Her boss would often reach into his pocket, hand me whatever change he had floating around in there, and hand it to me, calling it “pig food” (as in, food for my piggy bank). I was obsessed with coins. (Guess they should have known I would end up sitting for the CPA exam many years later.)… [Read more]

Making Your Money Matter: Part 1 of 4

This is part one of a four-part series on aligning your personal finances with your values.

There are a million resources out there for managing personal finances — everything from debt-free living to investing wisely to balancing your checkbooks. This series is not going to be about that. It’s going to be about how to align your personal finances with the rest of your life.… [Read more]

Retirement Planning

The Democrats have a platform that says they're committed to making it easier for Americans to save for retirement on their own. What does the Republican platform say other than 'SCREW YOU, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN? Well, of course we all have to save on our own; many corporations kicked us to the curb ages ago when they decided that pension funds... Read more...