Politics Aside: I Am a Teacher

I know that by and large this is a website about politics and current event issues.

And I know that when I talk about education here it’s about policies and politics and all that jazz.

With the start of school being here, I suppose it’s expected that I have something to say about the whole thing.… [Read more]

Ryan Gets a Failing Grade in Education

Oh boy.

Here we go.

Instead of choosing someone to offset his conservative views, Romney chose someone who is totally as conservative as he is.

Also? It seems as if Paul Ryan would like to see public education privatized as much as the next rich white dude.

Get the rich richer and get rid of that pesky middle class, right?… [Read more]

Vouching for Public Schools

Recently Mitt Romney has decided to promote school vouchers as a way to help fix the “education emergency” we have here in America.

I guess this is ok if his end goal is to get rid of public education.

School vouchers are certificates, issued by the government, that parents can use toward tuition to a private school for their child(ren). … [Read more]