Obama Campaign’s Stephanie Cutter in Hannity’s Crosshairs

We now know who the scariest Obama camp staffer is, the one who strikes fear into Republican hearts, the one who can be counted on not to back down or cower in the face of Republican mud and slime. You know how we know?  Because that’s who Sean Hannity has recently targeted as the subject of one of his little “exposes.”

Irony:”The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.”  Thank you, Sean, for so poignantly and eloquently displaying for us the absolute, clear, exact meaning of the word irony.[Read more]

Hannity’s Blame-Obama-First Foreign Policy

In most cases I try avoid watching the talking heads of cable news, especially Fox News and let alone any Fox News pundit’s take on foreign policy. But every now and again I have the misfortune of hearing one of these jabbering sycophants’ asinine take on the world of international politics.

Most recently, while at the gym, my eyes had the not so illustrious pleasure of reading the incoherent foreign policy-related ramblings of Sean Hannity.… [Read more]

Ann Coulter’s Blacks

Disclaimer:  I find this miserable broad, Ann Coulter rather pitiful and in desperate need of good medication to calm her crazy arse down um, interesting so everything written from this sentence on should be taken as gospel because it’s SO damn true understood in that context.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about anything Ann Coulter says given that the entry in Dickipedia says it all — but just when I think she’s walked as far as she can go into the land of the loathsome she says something that shows, despite all of her formal education and legal training, that she’s as obtuse as ever.… [Read more]