Why is This News? Should Some Things Be Considered “Newsworthy” At All?

I’ll admit it. I’m probably the least political writer on this site.

I write a lot about education, and occasionally I’ll get fired up enough to write about my political leanings in areas like abortion and women’s rights.  I’ll write political leaders letters when I feel like they have taken a wrong turn, which is often since you know…government.… [Read more]

American Sex Scandals: Laughter, Lust and Hypocrisy

Nothing drives a good, gripping Yankee scandal like the sex angle. Ken Lay and his Enron dweebs, or Bernie Madoff, King Ponzi fleecing zillions from his socialite pals? So what! The ever-obliging US justice system makes sure that they achieve the near-ultimate in criminal sentence deterrence nirvana, the somber judicial pronouncement that makes any true citizen  burst with pride knowing their courts are on the job… “Sir, you will die in prison”, a result not to be confused with sentencing perfection for the most odious perps – execution.… [Read more]

Petraeus Scandal: Bumbling brass, bimbos.

Enough already! Fire up the Margarita blender with extra Cuervo. When did the military become run by the Marx Bros.?

The resulting honky tonk cat fight between Tampa “socialite” Jill Kelley, who one day hopes to move up into Florida Premier League bimbolity in West Palm Beach on the “other” Florida coast, and retired four-star Gen.… [Read more]

Channeling His Inner Gingrich: The Bombay [Almost] Bigamist

Sex scandals are so much more fun writing topics when they involve the conservative “holier than thou” set. They certainly are more entertaining than trying to sort out the two years of tax returns Mitt Romney has not kept secret from We the “You People.”  They happen frequently enough so that they no longer evoke a Jimmy Swaggart “come to Jesus” televised weep fest, but only a run from reporters.… [Read more]