What ‘War On Men?’

Wall Street Journal conservative columnist James Taranto played fire-breathing dragon  again slamming Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and her hold on the nomination of Lt. Gen.Susan Helms to become the vice commander of the U.S. Space Command. Lt. Gen. Helms was the second Air Force general officer to overrule a sexual assault courts martial conviction in the past year for a subordinate officer, and Congress is holding officers accountable, starting at the top of the Chain of Command.… [Read more]

Pack Up And Go

More media distractions…I think that’s all we’re going to get for at least the next several days. The United States has plenty to deal with; we have still high unemployment levels, beaten/pepper sprayed protestors, troops who are scheduled to return from Afghanistan — and yet our biggest news headliner is Herman Cain and his ever growing bevy of accusers.… [Read more]

The Audacity of…?




Ummmm…Oh.  OK.

Thanks to the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the artist, Mr. Bennett, for completely capturing the sentiment.

If the sexual harassment allegations are false those women should be ashamed of themselves.  If they’re true — DAMN, Herman?!?  WTLF is wrong with you?  Oh.  Nevermind.  I wasn’t voting for you either way.  … [Read more]