An Uncomfortable Occasion For Glendale, California

In a park in Glendale, CA, a new memorial statue was unveiled this week. The park is in a largely Asian and Asian-American neighborhood and will feature the image of a young Korean girl dressed in traditional clothing. The problem? This girl is a “comfort woman.”

The issue of comfort women (as they are commonly referred to by historians) dates back to pre-WWII times and is still hotly contested today, more vocally than at any other time previously.… [Read more]

Sexual Exploitation in Pakistani Universities – Students’ Perspective

Sexual harassment of female students and women workers are increasingly being reported from different public sector universities in Pakistan. After the controversy of sexual harassment of females in the University of Peshawar, more such reputed institutions made news for similar cases, including the latest scandal of rape and exploitation at the International Islamic University of Islamabad.… [Read more]