How to Keep Kids Safe on a Vacation

It is the school holidays and the school has been closed for the mid-term vacations over here in Singapore. It’s time to visit places and go on the trip to the promised theme park or beach, which the kids have been dying to go to.

Here are some tips on how to lessen the worries and stresses that you may have when you bring your kids out to a busy place.… [Read more]

Lanterns and the Mid Autumn Festival

It is time for lantern gazing again. The Mid Autumn Festival will be celebrated on the 30th of September this year. The kids and I are really looking forward to enjoying a moonlight night  moon gazing while sipping on Chinese tea and eating moon cakes.

If you are wondering about how the tradition of moon gazing started, according to ancient Chinese folklore it all began many centuries ago.… [Read more]

Surviving the Summer Vacation in Singapore

The kids are on holiday as school is out. It can be quite chaotic having all three kids at home. They can be very boisterous when all of them are together. Sending the kids off to summer camp is not a norm here. Most classes that are for the kids are for a few hours and are either running for a single day or, the most, a week.… [Read more]

Talking About the Little Red Dot

Talk about Singapore and one is most likely to go “Where?”¬† ” Is it a part of China?” No it’s not. Singapore is a country in its own rights.

Many people may not have heard about this island country but it is located in Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been given the endearment the “Little Red Dot” after the former Indonesian President B.J.… [Read more]