“Gone to War” – A Tribute to Our Soldier

When my oldest son, Mike – now 24, a husband and father of two – was a little child, he wanted to be a soldier.  The years passed and he never, ever wanted to be anything else.  He joined the Army at 17, and is now at the tail end of his 14-month tour in Afghanistan.  … [Read more]

Honoring Our Military

Hopefully, all of you enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend. It is appropriate to take a moment to give thanks and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we as a nation can pursue liberty as we know it today. It may not be perfect but what we have is due, in great measure, to our military.… [Read more]

Memorial Day

May all of us remember…

.Peace to us all…[Read more]

We’re Out Of Iraq…What’s Next?

This message was sent by President Obama today:

Early this morning, the last of our troops left Iraq.

As we honor and reflect on the sacrifices that millions of men and women made for this war, I wanted to make sure you heard the news.

Bringing this war to a responsible end was a cause that sparked many Americans to get involved in the political process for the first time.… [Read more]