One Teeny Tiny Problem with Teacher Evaluations

Before you raise your voice in indignation, let me quickly declare that I am not against teacher evaluations. The point here is to keep things in perspective and understand why teacher evaluation is not the magic pill that many people believe it is.

Teacher evaluation is unlike the evaluations administered in any other profession. It is easy to evaluate managers, clerks, welders and plumbers; for a given period of time, one can set a target and compare it with actual output, and that will mostly tell us about the employee’s work performance.… [Read more]

The Ultimate Insider’s Club

Throughout its history Congress has had plenty of moments that are cringe-worthy and fully deserving of the American people’s contempt.┬áMost of us fundamentally understand that despite the fact that Congress is elected to represent us, they are NOT us. Why do I say that? Because they are supposed to be held to a higher ethical standard but it often appears that they are not required to follow the same rules as everyone else.… [Read more]