It’s Only a Dream…the American Dream, that is…

The stock markets soar and the rich get richer, but the middle class has lost ground and the poor live in stagnation. For many, the “American Dream” is nowhere in sight. Teachers, cops and other civil servants have seen their salaries erode before their own eyes as they struggle to try to fulfill a dream rigged by the powers that be.… [Read more]

Dystopian Economy: The Antithesis of What Benefits All

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a very general metric one can use to ‘feel out’ stock market performance. Merriam-Webster defines the word “dow” as useful or capable, but the old English dictates ‘having worth’ as the initial utilization of the term. Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange, is purely the tech market on display; its ebbs and flows reflect trading activity for publicly-traded technology companies.… [Read more]

Changed Reality: Attack of the Financial Mathematicians

We have looked at what happened in the field of corporate strategy untll 1970 in my last post. Now let us take a quick look (in overly simplistic terms) at what happened in the field of Corporate Finance during the same period.

It could be argued that ‘modern finance’ started with a 1952 paper from 25-year old student named Harry Markowitz.… [Read more]