I Am Every Woman

Something to consider as we close out Women’s History Month, 2012.

I’m every woman, it’s all in me (Strength, courage, ambition)

Anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally (From creating life to creating empires)

I’m every woman, it’s ALL in me (The fight to be respected  and accepted as an equal)

I can read your thoughts right now,  Every one — from A to Z (It doesn’t take much to read the minds of those who are trying to keep us in ‘our place’.… [Read more]

Eh, You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Medicaid!

With the current war on vaginas and uteri in full swing, I imagine moderates and progressives across the US and the globe are wondering, “What in the bloody hell is going on in America?” It’s completely amazing, and not in a good way, how far the GOP and Religious Right are pushing such crazy agendas. Trans-vaginal ultrasounds for abortions, “personhood” amendments that give zygotes more rights than a legal voting-age woman, the evils of hormonal prescription birth control…the ever-growing list is absolutely mind boggling.… [Read more]

We’re Not There Yet

It’s Women’s History month.

I have seriously been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, knowing I wanted to write something about it.

I mean, I am a woman who has her Bachelors and Masters degrees, a job, a happy marriage, and two little boys.

I vote and get to write about my opinions.… [Read more]

We Gotta Fight The Powers That Be

“We gotta fight the powers that be…”

…Those that got the answers…red tape in the way…

~ The Isley Brothers, Fight the Power, 1975

If everyone took leave of their senses, there would be an off chance that the nation could end up with an anti-women’s rights Republicans in the White House. Of course, that won’t happen if women stay awake —  and fight the power.… [Read more]

I Don’t Think I’m A Slut

Randy: … and a pink Trans Am in the driveway, and some incredibly gorgeous guy that you meet like in France, and you do it on a cloud without getting pregnant or herpes.

Samantha: I don’t need the cloud.

Randy: Just a pink Trans Am and a guy?

Samantha: A black one.

Randy: A black guy?[Read more]

What’s Good for the Goose…

Not long ago, a few brash and gutsy Democratic legislators stood up to Republican lawmakers who were trying to add insult to injury by forcing UAs on U.A.s- That would be “urinary analysis (also known as drug tests) on “Unemployed Americans.”  They went so far as to want those being screened for drug use to pay for the testing too!… [Read more]

It’s A Wrap – Week In Review, March 11, 2012

What’s going on, brothers and sisters? OK, if you’re wondering why I’m calling you “brother” and “sister” it’s not because I’m having a 1970s throwback moment. It’s because I think that, like family, we’re all in this together — whether we like it or not. Frankly, I like the ‘brothers and sisters’ tag because it surely beats the names that are thrown about today (*STILL giving the side-eye to you, Rush Limbaugh…*He wasn’t joking; he was, and still is, quite serious).[Read more]

What is Really Behind the War on Women?

Is it Natalism or (White) Nationalism?

The term “Natalism” or “pronatalism” means to be “pro-birth.”  It is a belief that promotes human reproduction via child bearing, often by seeking to limit access to abortion and contraception.  It may also provide for financial and social incentives to increase the non-immigrant population, especially in western nations and developed nations.… [Read more]