Summer on a Budget

I have two kids: a 3-year old and a 4-month old. We are together almost every day during the summer months.  I also have a budget of about $3 a week for “child entertainment”.

And let’s face it. Playing in your own yard with your own toys is fun for about 5 minutes. On a good day.… [Read more]

Surviving the Summer Vacation in Singapore

The kids are on holiday as school is out. It can be quite chaotic having all three kids at home. They can be very boisterous when all of them are together. Sending the kids off to summer camp is not a norm here. Most classes that are for the kids are for a few hours and are either running for a single day or, the most, a week.… [Read more]

Summer is for the Kids

If you have been around here at all, you know I am a teacher. A teacher with my summers “off”.

During the summer I get to be a Stay at Home Mom for a few months.

As the days of full time daycare come to a close and I see that I will, inevitably, be home with a three year old and a 3 month old, I do start to panic a little bit.… [Read more]