The Great Equalizer: Your Vote

The billionaire Koch Bros.’ ALEC and the 2010 crop of Tea Party Republicans have been hard at work making it harder for you to vote.  Everything from summary disenrollment from voter rolls, reduced opportunities to exercise one’s Constitutional right to have a voice in government, to onerous identification rules have one objective in mind: to keep Ann Romney’s We the “You People” from voting as they did in the last Presidential election.… [Read more]

Money Trails

We hear a lot every election cycle (particularly the federal elections) about lousy voter turnout. In 2010 (a non-Presidential election), less than 40% of the voting-age population actually showed up or walked to the mailbox to cast a ballot. The 2008 Presidential election brought a higher turnout, but it was still less than 60%. For a nation hell-bent on “love it or leave it” patriotism, voter apathy among Americans seems rampant.… [Read more]

SCOTUS: A Vote of No Confidence

I found the following poll this morning:

“I am going to read you a list of institutions in American society. Please tell me how much confidence you, yourself, have in each one: a great deal, quite a lot, some, or very little? What about the U.S. Supreme Court?”[Read more]

Don’t Blame the Super PACs. Blame Yourself

Maybe Herman Cain was on to something. Well, sort of; at least when it comes to the self-blame game. Before you start choking on a slice of Godfather Pizza, keep reading.

Sheldon Adelson’s wife followed in her husband’s footsteps by making a $5 million contribution to Winning Our Future, the super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich. Proponents of campaign finance reform are absolutely, positively freaking out.… [Read more]

It’s A Wrap – Week In Review January 29, 2012

Although we have moved forward by one week, events we discussed this week may make us wonder if we’re going backwards. Here we are in 2012 and we’re revisiting things that took place during the McCarthy era: loyalty oaths that threaten our ability to function as a democracy and ramped-up requirements that threaten trample on voter’s rights.… [Read more]

Super-PACs: Stop It

You turn on the television, unlock your Ipod, or open up your Blackberry to check out the latest news.  You squeeze in catching up on the daily headlines in the little “free” time you have found while watching your family savings drain into that ‘maybe it’ll be stolen this year’ gas guzzler.  You overwhelm yourself, instantaneously, hovering over the toilet, staring at the flat screen in your hand, and hoping to stay current.… [Read more]

Avoiding The Cuckoo’s Nest

The GOP’s South Carolina primaries take place on Saturday, January 21st. It’s the third primary but first in the south — a fact that is not lost on the candidates.  *Fanning myself* Mmmmm…. I can smell it in the air.  All of that evangelical Christian bible belt social conservatism tradition steeped in hospitable mendacity and intolerance….*breathing[Read more]