Money is on the mind today. Perhaps it’s because we’re moving beyond the trauma caused by filing our annual tax returns a couple of weeks ago, or maybe it’s because we heard the money-related news about how Congress moved to end the sequester only in an area which directly affects them; they quickly passed a bill to end Federal Aviation Administration furloughs right before they fled Washington to go on recess.… [Read more]

Stupid Questions: 28000 Series – Romney’s Chinese Taxes

You know how people say the only stupid questions are the ones not asked…

In this case stupid question are the ones unasked in the media, because we all know how smart people with “J-School” degrees are.  “J-Schools” are journalism schools that evidently teach their students about ethics and being smarter than everyone else about everything. … [Read more]

CAN I GET A WITNESS? Conversation with an Empty Suit

Our troops aren’t “important” enough to warrant a mention from Mitt Romney at the RNC, he says. Foreign policy is a “shiny object” by which Romney refuses to be distracted.

Fine, Mitt. Let’s talk about what you want to talk about: the economy. More specifically, let’s talk about how qualified you are, or aren’t, to make crucial economic decisions and formulate economic policies on a national scale.… [Read more]


“Nobody believes me  <Liar!> Why don’t they leave me alone?” 

Back-biting, hypocrisy, deceit, evasiveness, arrogance…thanks for the entertainment, Mitt Romney! Here’s one, by Queen, for you.… [Read more]

Paging Sherlock Holmes

‘Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.’  ~  Sherlock Holmes –The Sign of the Four

Where is the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes when we need him? There’s a vast mystery to be solved, my friends – the mystery of Mitt Romney and the Missing Tax Returns.

So far, the Romneys have steadfastly refused to do what very nearly every other presidential candidate has done: release several years of their tax returns.… [Read more]

Mitt, this tax return s**t is about to get real

Listen, Mitt, I gotta tell you how things work in the real world – you know, the world you don’t inhabit, but the world that 98% of the country lives in (that would be the world where there are no car elevators or offshore accounts and we wear cheap rain slickers to Nascar races, if you’re wondering).… [Read more]

Want another reason Mitt may have for hiding his taxes?

We’ll continue our series looking at the wacky stuff Mitt Romney believes as a Mormon next week.  But first…

Here’s an interesting speculation to toss into the mix when considering the reasons Mitt Romney might not be inclined to release his tax returns.

Question: Who is the highest ranking member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in elected office today?… [Read more]

Our Lips are Sealed

Apparently, this is the theme song for Mitt and Ann Romney. Want to talk about those Bain Capital years that you’ve retroactively accounted for? Nope. Do you have a response for the question about how, exactly, would you bring jobs to America when your experience is in outsourcing? Nah.  Do you consider yourself a leader when Massachusetts fell to the bottom of the barrel when you were governor?… [Read more]

Mid-Year Tax Update

Okay, so it’s not quite mid-year yet, but with the second quarter coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about taxes (if you ever stopped).  Here are some tips to ensure that your tax bill is right where you want it to be next April.… [Read more]