State of the (Labor) Union

Though unions remain an American fixture, they are in a state of decline. They are very much in the news these days and the stories are often not flattering or encouraging — but, of course, we know that when only one side of a story is presented it means the view may be clouded by the storyteller’s vision.… [Read more]

Hot for Teacher

Would you like to have free elective cosmetic surgery at the taxpayer’s expense? If you do, get a job with the Buffalo Public School system.

Yep, as thousands of teachers across the country find their jobs in jeopardy, Buffalo teachers get free plastic surgery.

How is this possible?

New York State’s broken collective bargaining system, that’s how.… [Read more]

Where’s My Money? – Oil Company Subsidies

The following podcast is a discussion with Linda Isaac-Peterson of the PRIC (Progressive Reactionary International Caucus) Liberal Network.  Please listen for important information about where your money is going:… [Read more]