Terry Jones: The Good Reverend

The noble crusader roared north from Florida last Thursday, a stalwart soul anointed by God himself to fight Islam, its 1.5 billion  member army the global Devil incarnate – on Canadian soil, in a prime time, public debate with the enemy leadership. Terry Jones, visceral Christian zealot, boss of the hilariously named ‘Dove Ministries’, and conclusive Qur’an burning evidence of why free speech must be treasured above all other personal liberties, headed to Toronto with his noble posse of true believers to slay the Muslim horde, one monosyllable at a time.… [Read more]

Fire Starter

Meet Terry Jones. No, this is not Terence Graham Parry Jones of Monty Python fame, the Travelocity Terry Jones, the singer Terry Jones nor any of the numerous sports figure Terry Joneses. Rather, this is Pastor Terry Jones, The Man Who Burns Korans.… [Read more]