Fool on the Hill

“Fool on the Hill” is this week’s “Say It In Song” pick. Given the news coming out of Capitol Hill this week — ranging from the fight to take food from the mouths of babes in terms of reduced SNAP (food stamp) subsidies, all the way to the battles to bring women’s rights back to the pre-choice 1950s — it appears that many in this nation have cast votes for leaders who are our own personal fools.… [Read more]

When I’m 64…

We all think about what getting older means. What do you want to do when you’re 64? And beyond?

Planning now will help ensure that a good future awaits. And, with the best leaders in office, the ‘system’ will be strong and this country will see fit to make sure that our people are cared for — men and women.… [Read more]

Little Piggies

A song appropriate for an election year….

Politicians who remind us of those officials of yesteryear who supported the robber barons; the continued corporate greed and unwillingness to ‘play fair’ by supporting the nation’s coffers.

Now it’s not just ‘the economy, stupid’, it’s about controlling the excesses so that the economy doesn’t slip again. Contrary to the GOP’s behaviour and the Paul Ryan budget plan which would, once again, reward the 1% while placing even more of a burden on everyone else, greed is not good.… [Read more]

Do You Really Want A Revolution?

Revolution is defined as follows:

rev·o·lu·tion    [rev-uh-loo-shuhn]

1.  an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

2.  Sociology. A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.

3.  A sudden, complete or marked change in something.… [Read more]

The Look

Editor’s Note:  This Transcending Borders post is from a woman who, like many of us, knows that there are things that divide us.  What’s more important is what we do, great or small, to bridge the gap.  It all begins with us.


My 8th grade school year started out ok.  I was a good student and I had good grades.… [Read more]