Take a Bow, It’s Good For You

Have you ever seen magic happen?  Real life magic that only happens when true love or persistence or, in this case, theater occurs?  For the past two weeks I have watched a show that I’ve been working on since November go up on stage.  The organization that I work for provides theater and visual arts for youth and adults with disabilities, so most of the actors have a disability of some kind –  physical, mental or emotional.… [Read more]

Some Stereotypes Become Stereotypes For A Reason

Some folks need to get out more; perhaps hanging out in civilised company will allow manners and good social graces to rub off on them.  **Warning…mini rant…**

Case in point:  How should folks behave at a Broadway play?  My favourite Broadway buddy and I went to see Chris Rock’s new play, “The Motherf***er With The Hat”.  … [Read more]