What we see on broadcast TV

I’m dating myself (no, not that kind of “dating”!), but I used to watch “Gunsmoke” on TV and at the beginning of every show I’d see Marshal Dillon facing down some unknown bad guy in the street. Marshal Dillon would draw and fire, but I never saw the ”bad guy” die. To this day, I don’t know if he was shooting at a bad guy, Miss Kitty, Chester or Doc.… [Read more]

Could You Live Without TV?

Isolation.  Uninformed.  Amish. Boring.

These are just a couple of the words my high school students came up with this week when I asked them what they would think of a teenager who told them his/her family doesn’t own or watch TV.

None of them could fathom that such a thing exists even though many admitted they don’t watch the TVs they have that often.… [Read more]