Congress: You Should Have Seen This One Coming

Congress: you should have seen this one coming.

I know you’re busy congratulating yourselves for hauling yourselves out of a self-created mess that was the government shutdown, but in that time did you stop to think about the implications of your pointless turf war? Others around the world certainly have.

How embarrassed would you be, Congress, to find that while you’ve been in your filthy trenches China has provocatively suggested that our time as a leading nation is waning?… [Read more]

Dear Mrs. Vera: How will we ever be able to do without the penny?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

I’ve heard that they’re thinking of retiring the penny. How do you think we’ll get along without them?

Regards, Fearful in Fort Knox

Dear Kfearful in Kfort Fnox,

The demise of the Penny will be the demise of us all, especially if you happen to be lost in space with June Lockhart and Doctor Smith when it happens.… [Read more]