Going Postal

Don’t worry, ‘Merca. You’ll still get your mail on Saturdays. For now, anyway.

About a month ago I turned on my local news like I always do while I made dinner for my family. They were reporting on the controversy over whether or not the United States Postal Service would end Saturday delivery to save money.… [Read more]

Dear Mrs. Vera: How will the USA survive without Saturday mail delivery?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

Now that the US Postal Service is ceasing mail delivery on Saturday, how will the USA survive?

Mailless in Matamoras

Hello dear readers. I’m deluged as usual by Saturday’s post, and I’m going to say right off the top of the old bat that my Saturdays will be a heck of a lot easier knowing that a full 1/6th of everybody’s remaining problems have now been solved by a stroke of a pen, though I do wish it had been mine.… [Read more]